Supporting Documentation for Standard One

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Admissions Recruiting Plan

Strategic Enrollment Plan charge

Enrollment Counts and Demographics

Alumni Surveys

Survey Results One Year After Graduation

o Alumni Survey 2006 - Culture, Text, and Language

o Alumni Survey 2006 - Environmental Studies

o Alumni Survey 2006 - Expressive Arts

o Alumni Survey 2006 - Scientific Inquiry

o Alumni Survey 2006 - Society, Politics, Behavior and Change

o Alumni Survey 2006 - Tacoma

o Alumni Survey 2004

o Alumni Survey 2002

Greeners at Work 2003 - Alumni and Employers Three Years After Graduation

Five-Year Alumni Survey - Advanced Education, Employment, Volunteerism, and Reflections on an Evergreen Education


Enrollment Counts and Demographics Web Page

First-time, First-year Applicants, Admitted, and Enrolled (2001-2007)

Transfer Applicants, Admitted and Enrolled (2001-2007)

Admissions History (1982-2007)

Total Student Headcount and FTE (1971-2007)

Enrollment Growth Analyses

Satisfaction Surveys

National Survey of Student Engagement Web Page

Evergreen Student Experience Survey Web Page