Supporting Documentation for Standard Six

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Required Documentation

1. Board membership

2. Organization chart

Required Exhibits

1. Articles of Incorporation (The college's enabling legislation)

2. Board Policy Manual

3. Board Agendas and Minutes:

4. Administrative policy manual. The college's policy and procedures manual is on-line at [1]. A copy of the policy manual's index is uploaded here for reference.

5. Administrative position descriptions

6. Staff handbook The college's policy and procedures manual is on-line at [2]. This manual includes policies related to employment. A copy of the employment policies table of contents is uploaded here for reference. Information about employee benefits is also posted on the college's web site at [3]. A copy of the employee benefits web page is posted here for reference.

7. Salary data Faculty: Faculty Salary Grid for 2007-2008

Exempt Professional Staff: DRAFT Exempt Professional Staff Compensation Framework

Classified Union Staff: Please see the Union Contract.

8. Collective bargaining agreements United Faculty of Evergreen (first contract currently being negotiated). Washington Federation of State Employees: 2007-2009 Contract.

9. Constitution or bylaws of faculty and staff organizations

10. Currently active committees

Additional Material

Geoduck Student Union Charter

Accountability Report 2007