Supporting Documentation for Standard Three

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Required Documentation:

  1. Organization chart for student services.
  1. Student handbook where applicable.
  1. Summaries of student characteristics that will provide a composite of the nature of the student body.
  1. Student retention and rate of graduate data for the last three years. NCAA Division I Schools are to include the most recent NCAA graduation rate report.
  1. Completed Table #1, Admissions Report.
  1. Completed Table #2, Student Affairs Staff Profile.
  1. Description of procedures for policy development including the involvement of students.

Required Exhibits:

  1. Policies and procedures on: student conduct, rights, and responsibilities; student grievance process; academic honesty; athletics; student fees; tuition refunds.
  1. Statistics on student financial aid such as types and amounts available, number, gender of students assisted in each of last three years, default rate on loans, etc.
  1. Most recent financial aid reviews conducted by state and federal agencies.
  1. NCAA Division I Schools are to include the most recent graduation rate report.
  1. A copy of the mission and goals of each unit.
  1. Evidence of goal attainment of each unit.
  1. Evidence of the impact of student services on students.
  1. Institutional publications required by the Campus Security Act, Drug Free Schools and Colleges Act, the Drug Free Workplace Act, and the Student Right-to-Know Act.

Suggested Materials:

  1. 1List of recognized student organizations.
  1. 2Strategic plan for student services.
  1. 3Constitution for student government.
  1. Sample copies of student publications.
  1. Brief resumes of the professional staff in student services.