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The Student Affairs Division at Evergreen

Student Affairs Staffing


Resource Allocation

Student Support is Directed at Identified Student Needs

Enrollment Growth and Student Demographics

Student Demographics

Retention and Graduation Rates

Appropriateness of Student Services

Attention to Needs and Characteristics of Students

Orientation of New Students

College Readiness Courses

Early Start Program

Academic Advising

Internships to Enrich Learning

Advising Interventions for New Students and Students Experiencing Difficulties

Staff Development Focus on Diversity

Career Counseling and Placement Services

Health and Counseling Services

Health Education

(3.D.1)Admissions and Recruitment

In-State Market Trends

Conversion Rates and Application Trends

Improvements in Recruitment Efforts

(3.D.3) Placement of students in courses and programs

3.9.5 % (3.D.4) Academic Standing 3.9.6 % (3.D.5) Graduation requirements 3.9.7 % (3.D.6) Financial Aid 3.9.8 % (3.D.7) Scholarships and Grants 3.9.9 % (3.D.8) Institutional Student Loan Default Rate

3.10 % (3.C.1) Evaluation of Learning and Award of Credit 3.10.1 % (3.C.3) Distinctions Between Degree and Non-degree Credit

3.11 % (3.C.4)Transfer Credit 3.11.1 Direct Transfer Degree (DTA) 3.11.2 Associate in Science Transfer Degree (AS-T) 3.11.3 Direct Technical Transfer Degree 3.11.4 Upside-down Degree 3.11.5 Course-by-course Evaluation 3.11.6 Nontraditional Credit: Non-accredited Colleges and Universities 3.11.7 Nontraditional Credit: Running Start, College in the High School and International Baccalaureate Programs 3.11.8 Nontraditional Credit: Credit by Examination 3.11.9 Nontraditional Credit: Experiential Learning 3.11.10 Nontraditional Credit: Military Training 3.11.11 Nontraditional Credit: Certificated Learning

3.12 % (3.C.5) Security of Student Records 3.13 % (3.B.2)Student Participation in Institutional Governance 3.13.1 Faculty Involvement

3.14 % (3.B.3)Student Rights and Responsibilities 3.15 % (3.B.4) Safety and Security of Students 3.15.1 Office of Sexual Assault Prevention

3.16 3.B.5 3.17 % (3.D.13) Residential and Dining Services 3.18 % (3.D.14) Food Services 3.19 % (3.D.15) Co-curricular Activities 3.19.1 % (3.D.16) Co-curricular Program Policies and Procedures 3.19.2 Identifying Needs

3.20 % (3.D.17) Athletics and Recreation 3.21 % (3.D.18) Bookstore 3.22 % (3.D.19) Institutional Relationship to Student Publications and Media 3.23 % (3.E) Intercollegiate Athletics 3.23.1 Introduction 3.23.2 Conclusion

4 Standards 4.1 Standard 3.A - Purpose and Organization 4.2 Standard 3.B - General Responsibilities 4.3 Standard 3.C - Academic Credit and Records 4.4 Standard 3.D - Student Services 4.5 Standard 3.E - Intercollegiate Athletics

5 Supporting Documentation