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Please place your comments in the section of the standard to which you are referring.


Please put comments pertaining to the Introduction or standard as a whole here:

Teaching and Instruction

Description of Teaching and Instructional Programs

Analysis & Assessment of Teaching & Instructional Programs

3 Information Collections and Services 3.1 Description of Information Collections & Services 3.2 Analysis & Assessment of Information Services and Collections

4 Future Plans, Goals & Challenges 4.1 Shared Technology Creates the Need for More Shared Work 4.2 Collections and Services 4.3 Budgets and Support for Rapidly Evolving Information Technology

5 Supplemental Materials 5.1 Information Technology Literacy as reported in End of Program Reports 5.2 Major Facilities 5.3 Service Points 5.4 Achievements/Changes

6 Standards 6.1 Standard 5.A - Missions and Goals 6.2 Standard 5.B - Planning and Effectiveness 6.3 Standard 5.C - Facilities and Access 6.4 Standard 5.D - Personnel and Management 6.5 Standard 5.E - Planning and Evaluation

7 Supporting Documentation

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this standard is great Greenea 10:35, 26 November 2007 (PST)