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[[Heidi Barta-Cole]]
[[Heidi Barta-Cole]]
[[Lisa Bartels]]
[[Luna Bartels]]
[[Kaycee Braden]]
[[Kaycee Braden]]

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Welcome to the tendandtell wiki.

To learn more about using a wiki see the help files. To reach our program's moodle site, click here.

Habitat Areas

Place to Meet the Trees

Seasonal Creek

Hillside, Elderberry Grove & Midden

Moist Forest Edge

South Puget Prairies

Middle and High Elevations

Decorative Areas & Compost

Dry Woodland, Rock Garden, Shore

sayuyay Ecotones & New Edge

sayuyay Medicinal Sister Garden

Cedar & Rose


Educational Materials


Visual Images



Garden Coordination

Plant Monitoring




Heidi Barta-Cole

Luna Bartels

Kaycee Braden

Billie Burlock

Angel Chandler

Sean Croke

Angela Golinvaux

Victoria Greba

Kate Hodges

Krista Koller

Bob Marshall

Teasha McCallum

Haley McClure

Brandon Root

Rainboe Sims-Jones

Rebecca Swee

Debbie White

Emily Driskoll

Fall 2009 Students

Aisling Badger

Sara Blumenthal

Jolene Grover

Ardas Hassler

Alex Patia

Ally Simmons

Mitchell Vorwerk

Template Pages

How to Develop Your Student Page

How to Develop Your Habitat Area Page

How to Upload Photos and Post them to the Wiki