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This document is intended to provide help using the Curriculum Management Database (CMD) and related processes. It is definitely a work-in-progress. Feel free to contribute or request additional information!

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In-person training in CMD use is also available; contact Katherine Sackmann ( or x6875).

Key Definitions

Offering Type - Offering Status - Time of Day - Enrollment Conditions - Curricular Area - Admin Unit - Academic Year - Term - Planning Unit - Publication Status


Administrative View

Advanced Search - Key Management Functions - Collection Management - Summary View - Reports - CMDv1 - Curriculum Settings

Faculty View

Faculty log into their and follow the Curriculum Development link under the Faculty heading.

Learn more about the Faculty view.

Student View

Students see this information in the Online Catalog.

Publications View

Curricular Processes

Search (Advanced Search) - Planning - Oly/Day Timeline - Unplaced or TBD faculty - PRC Faculty - Visitor Requests - Line count/budgeting - Offering Development - Publication - Analysis - Quarter Preparation - Course Registration Number (CRN) development - Non-teaching Assignment - Faculty Profile/Info - Problem Solving - Communication Timeline - Leaves (Sabbatical, LWOP, etc) - Non-Teaching Assignments]] - Academic Calendar - Tracked Faculty Responsibilities ~ Academic Fair ~ Cancelling Offerings - Analysis

Related Systems

R25 (Space Scheduling) - Book Orders (Bookstore) - Moodle/Canvas sites (Academic Computing) - Blog sites - Faculty Directory - Online Catalog - Banner - Registration - Program Budgets - Email Distribution Lists ~ Campus Resources


Fields of Study

Curricular Area Specifics

Native Pathways







Standards Wiki

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Option fields instructions

Learn more about editing field instructions.

Curriculum Overview

Learn more about editing the curriculum overview tab.

Report Modification

Learn more about Report Modification.