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The purpose of this project is to collaboratively develop, using wiki technology and principles, the first draft of a freely available text book on civic intelligence. See, e.g. Wikipedia entry on Open Textbooks and Student PIRG Open Textbook project.


Much of the initial development of this text book was accomplished during the Spring 2011 academic quarter at The Evergreen State College by students in the program, Civic Intelligence: Theory and Practice. As part of the coursework each student completed a case study to highlight how organizations, projects, or programs demonstrate civic intelligence. These case studies as well as other writing for this book helped develop the scope of this project. The outline in its current form was developed in a collective discussion by the students of the Civic Intelligence program.

As this open source text book develops the original writing of students may be revised and the structure of the book may change. But, without the efforts of everyone involved in the program this book would not be possible.

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What's the purpose of this project?
We are trying to create an Open Text book on Civic Intelligence — the first as far as we know.

Who should use this book?
Everybody! But some people are more likely candidates than others.

Is it true that students are creating this book?
Yes! As we speak, students in the Civic Intelligence: Research and Practice program at The Evergreen State College are entering their thoughts into this Wiki.

When will you be done with this project?
Although the project may never be "done", we hope to make some good progress this quarter which ends the first week in June, 2011. Realistically ??? Perhaps a class or two may decide to use the book in some way as early as August or September, 2011.

How will you transfer the Wiki text into book form?
Presumably the ultimate aim is a pdf. And hopefully there are tools that can convert Wiki text into more book-like materials. But — we don't how we're going to do it yet.