CIRAL World Cafe Feedback

From civicintelligence

Here are the notes from the final group session: CIRAL cafe notes.pdf

I would love to hear feedback on general impressions of the event and what we individually got out of working together in this format. Thanks to everyone for engaging in a productive conversation. This material will go a long way for giving the Home Office material to work with.


The World Cafe session was, in my estimation, the best way we have tried so far, to get people to talk to each other, become comfortable in voicing opinions and needs, and establishing group cohesion.

Personally, I feel much more connected to the rest of the class since we started using that format. Prior to this I had been asking myself the repeated question: How can we be practicing civic intelligence when we do not know each others names and we are not first valued by each other as individuals? The World Cafe did a lot to create a stronger feeling of community in our class.


John and I concur! We're planning to do at least two World Cafes and a number of other workshops in the spring.


A description of the World Cafe model.