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This is where we can discuss what we'd like to do next.

How should we structure the information in the book?

  • I think that the start of each section should have a SeeMe to give a visual description of what is going to follow.
Sounds like an interesting idea, are you thinking that the SeeMe model would describe in some way a particular case study? Would each chapter than be focused on examples of "Civic Intelligence"?
I think that the SeeMe model can describe a process of any kind, so not just case studies. I am working on my SeeMe for my case study, and have been experimenting by writing SeeMe models for other aspects. I think this model could work for the constituents.

  • Perhaps we should work in teams to develop possible outlines?
I think getting into teams sounds like a good idea because I don't see the majority of the class (myself included) doing much on their own. I find myself being completely lost and not knowing how to start but with a group we would all be supported in our ideas and sorta forced into action making progress actually happen on here.
Interesting idea Vera! Maybe we could allocate part of a Saturday to do just that.