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What is CIRAL?

CIRAL is the intellectual and physical space where strategies for the amplification and institutionalization of civic intelligence are generated and implemented.

CIRAL is the Civic Intelligence Research and Action Laboratory at The Evergreen State College. It is intended to provide one possible "home" for academy-comunity collaborative problem-solving relationships that persist indefinitely.

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What makes CIRAL different?

Over the years Evergreen has developed an amazing portfolio of community-related projects. Additionally, Evergreen has the Center for Community-Based Learning and Action. On the other hand, some limitations have been observed (many have been documented in Local Knowledge in an Era of Globalization, by Anne Fischel & Lin Nelson) including the difficulty in engaging in long-term projects. The Internship model, while tremendously important, also is not ideal for long-term, collaborative, action-oriented problem-solving relationships -- especially those involving research and other activities that higher education institutions focus on.

How can people and organizations outside of Evergreen get involved with CIRAL?

Join the CIRAL listserv: CIRAL@GoogleGroups.com