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Questions on the case study

  • Are we supposed to be writing our case study using the wiki?
    We did decide to post it to the Wiki, rather than handed in on paper in class.
  • Do you want this paper as MLA or APA?
    I prefer a simpler version: Basically author's last name, author's first name (date). If a book: Book Name. Publisher City: Publisher Name. If an article or chapter, similar to book but with article name followed by journal name and volume, number info.
  • I am presuming that we are to weave in class texts into this case study?
    Yes please!


Is it Civic Intelligence or civic intelligence?
Probably should be civic intelligence....


Are you going to set up the area for our case studies under our names or do you just want us to just put it in the case study spot with our names next to it?

I thought that everybody would develop a page that had the name of the case study as its title. Something like this: Civic Intelligence Open Textbook Project, Doug Schuler

How does that sound?

Yeah that sounds good, thanks.