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Open Text Book Latest DRAFT Outline; February 6, 2014

Possible Titles

Introduction to this book

Introduction to Civic Intelligence Why Civic Intelligence? [motivation] What is Civic Intelligence? Short history of Civic Intelligence

Exploring Civic Intelligence Motivating Civic Intelligence Evaluating Civic Intelligence Measuring Civic Intelligence Demonstrating Civic Intelligence Promoting Civic Intelligence Questioning Civic Intelligence etc.

& in these various sections, there could be a focus area such as education, policy-development, activism, etc.

A Call for Action

OTHER wiki pages

Guidelines and Principles / etc. for book objectives, self-management, etc.


(1) Marketing
(2) Content Development / glossary / working vocabulary
(3) Purpose and intention
(4) Style and production
(5) Acountability  (was Management) 

Examples (put status behind each)

Big Topics — to be discussed in one or more places

Possible Types of Things to include in book sidebars, questions for further study, thought experiments, .....

Background material for book development — General Fodder Glossary References People

Develop a current master copy and place online (probably Moodle); There should also be a OTB-Pieces file (?!)