College for Congregational Development

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What it is

The College of Congregational Development (CCD) is an organization within the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia that works to develop strong leadership in individual parishes throughout the diocese. Its stated goals are to foster:

  • Leaders that are both self-defined and connected to their communities of faith.  Leaders who are both aware of and responsive to the particular challenges and opportunities before them 
  • A common language and community of practice around congregational development in the Diocese. Stronger connections among congregational leaders for the purposes of learning, community, mutual encouragement, and inspiration.  
  • The creation of useful training programs that can be shared freely and used by others in the broader Church.

How it works

Individuals or groups of members from different congregations throughout the geographic area of the Diocese of Olympia enroll in the CCCD for a two year program. Throughout the program they learn and develop many useful skills in group facilitation, organizing and carrying out plans, active listening, and others related to building up their local communities. Participants work in groups to develop projects that build these skills and reinforce theoretical material.

Why it's an example of Civic Intelligence

Well developed facilitation skills are a key component of fostering Civic Intelligence. By providing local congregations with a core group of trained leaders that learn how to support group deliberation and encourage the growth of their communities, the CCD is supporting the development of Civic Intelligence within congregations that send members to participate in the college's program.