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MONeillProfilePic.jpg About Me

By day I'm a stay at home dad trying to keep up with a growing boy who's almost three. In my free time I work on school things and expanding my knowledge. I was lucky enough to find Doug's program, Internet: Knowledge & Community, he co-tought with Stephen Beck last winter, my first quarter at Evergreen. Civic intelligence meshes very well with many of the things I was interested in before I started going back to school.

I'm very excited about manifesting the concepts of civic intelligence, and have been working with Doug on the Public Sphere Project site. Spring quarter last year I did an ILC to examine the town I live in and start to look at it as a place ripe for future projects. This quarter I'm looking forward to more opportunities to envision a world made better by people taking hold of their collective intelligence, and to build more tools for making those ideas into reality.