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This is where we can discuss what we'd like to do next.

How should we structure the information in the book?

I think that the start of each section should have a SeeMe to give a visual description of what is going to follow.

  • Sounds like an interesting idea, are you thinking that the SeeMe model would describe in some way a particular case study? Would each chapter than be focused on examples of "Civic Intelligence"?

Perhaps we should work in teams to develop possible outlines?

Proposal For Chapter

I am interested in the moment that an individual, or group, makes the choice to actively do something to create a measurable change in their community. What led to that action? What made them commit? I am proposing a section where people are interviewed and asked about this process. For me, the measurement of civic intelligence is through observing action within a community. This is a seed of an idea that I am still fleshing out but I wanted to put it out to the group. I would be very interested in the process of interviewing others.