Profit-motivated Health Care

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Pharmaceutical and health insurance companies profit off of disease and injury, and so it is in their fiscal interest to keep patients ill and/or injured. Band-aid "solutions" and expensive procedures target symptoms, instead than causes, of diseases.

How it works

Health care companies and professionals profit off of people staying alive, but being ill, so that they can pay to be "cured." There is little to no incentive for health providers to offer aid to those who need it most, because they are often the ones who can't pay for it. Turning healthcare into a commodity to be profited off by some, and denied to others, is a sure way to prevent cures from reaching the public and eliminating the unemployed or underemployed who cannot pay for a doctor. If you are lucky enough to be accepted for treatment, the price will be outrageous, and you may think it would have been better to pass on than to be drowned in debt for the rest of your short life.



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