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Dimensions of Inequality

Context for this Wiki

This wiki is a space that everyone can edit in order to create a collection of knowledge, resources, data, and other information related to the 2019 Dimensions of Inequality program at The Evergreen State College.

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Topics of Interest


Poverty is a key issue. Although poverty and inequality are very different issues, they are clearly linked. It is often the case that people who are concerned about inequality want to do something about poverty, and people who are concerned about poverty often want to do something about inequality.

This wiki has a general page to start collecting information about poverty. Use it to find or add information that you feel is relevant.

Part of that page links to one resource we did not assign as a reading in this program this time but did use when we taught this program in 2017. It is a series of podcasts about poverty from On the Media titled Busted: America's Poverty Myths, and you can get links to each episode at the WNYC website for the series.

In this wiki, we have the beginnings of a section about the poverty myths. Folks looking to do some extra assignments, either to make up for absences and missed assignments or as part of the extra 4 credits for anyone signed up for 12 credits, can help fill this section out further. Listen to the episodes and then research points of interest that you find in the podcasts.


Status may not be as galvanizing an issue as poverty, but it is clearly related to the overall feeling, atmosphere, and workings of inequality issues. If you have resources or ideas, we'd like to start collecting information about status.

Sex, gender, sexuality, and more

Much of the history of 'equal rights' centers on issues of sex, gender, sexuality, and related issues that arise from intersections and interactions in biological, psychological, and sociological realms. If you have resources or ideas, we'd like to start collecting information about these issues.


Another major focus in the history of 'equal rights' centers on issues of race, ethnicity, and cultural heritage. We have a section of the wiki devoted to information about race and related issues.

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