Sericocarpus rigidus

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Sericocarpus rigidus

Family: Asteraceae

English Name: White-top aster. Columbian white-top Aster, Curtus's Aster.


General: Nearly glabrous perennial from slender, creeping rhizomes, the stem 1-3 dm. tall, usually simple and unbranched up to the inflorescence.

Leaves: Lowermost leaves reduced and early-deciduous, the largest ones a little above the base. 2.5-3.5 cm. Long and 5-9 mm. wide, oblanceolate, sessile; those leaves above numerous and gradually reduced; often scabrous on the midrib beneath, and with stiff, short hairs on the margins.

Flowers: Heads in a close terminal cluster; involucre 7-9 mm. high, narrow, the bracts imbricate, white and papery below with a light green herbaceous tip; rays usually 2, shorter than the capillary pappus, 1-3 mm. long, white; disk flowers 9-21, pale yellowish, with purple anthers.

Fruit: Achene.

Geographic Range and Habitat Requirements