Supporting Documentation for Standard Eight

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Required Documentation:

Campus Maps:

a. Olympia Campus Core

b. Olympia Campus Site Map

c. Tacoma Campus Site Map

d. Buildings Square Footage

Required Exhibits

1. Policy Statements

a. TESC Policies links:

  • Air Quality [1]
  • Food Events [2]
  • Pets on Campus [3]
  • Smoking [4]
  • Right to Know Hazard Communication [5]
  • Space Scheduling and Usage[6]
  • Fixed Assets[7]

b. Board of Trustee's Policies links:

  • Delegation of Authority [8]
  • Guidelines Governing Establishment and Funding of Programs Supported by Service and Activities Fees[9]
"RCW 28B.10.300 authorizes the expenditure of Services and Activities fees for the acquisition, construction, equipping and betterment of lands, buildings, and facilities. In addition, it allows for the allocation of one dollar per student per quarter towards an institution loan fund."

c. WAC & RCW links:


ESHB 3329

2. Allocation Process & Equipment Inventory & Equipment Funding History & Capital Equipment and Fixed Asset Inventory – June 30, 2007

3. Master Plan Volume I; Master Plan Volume II; Master Plan Volume III & 10 Year Plan

4. 10 Year Plan & Master Plan Volume I; Master Plan Volume II; Master Plan Volume III

5. 10 Year Plan & Olympia Campus Site Map & Computing & Communications 10 Year Major Preservation/Project Schedule

Suggested Materials

1. Space Utilization Study

2. 2005-2007 Facility Condition Survey & Refresh of Preservation

3. Dangerous & Hazardous Waste Disposal