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Welcome to the main page of the TESC Games Wiki. This page began with the program, Playing to Learn: Games in Education, Management, and Social Change, offered in the 2015-16 academic year by Joli Sandoz and John Baldridge. The intent of the TESC Games Wiki project is for students to develop a catalog (with taxonomic categories) of learning games and learning game design resources available in the campus library.

Entries added to the TESC Games Wiki should include some robust, theory-driven assessment of the games and resources as potential game-based learning tools. Students in Playing to Learn should definitely make reference to key theoretical frameworks they studied in Rules of Play, by Salen & Zimmerman, and James Paul Gee's What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy. They might also consider using the game play analysis and review worksheets as a template for posting entries to this Wiki.

The creators of this Wiki anticipate some fruitful disorder as the taxonomy develops, and look forward to its evolution over time!

Ways to Enter (and/or add to) the TESC Games Wiki Taxonomy

Category:Education Games & Resources

Category:Management Games & Resources

Category:Social Change Games & Resources

Category:Board Games

Category:Card Games

Category:Dice Games

Category:Simulation Games

Category:Thematic Games

Category:Team Games

Category: Management Games

Category: Ice Breakers

Category: Role Playing Games

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