C.I. Attributes

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Gene House
Jason Doudt
Terrance Menefee


  • C.I. Attributes game play is centered around interactive, collaborative problem solving focusing on today's social, environmental and political issues leveraging Pattern Language.


  • Artifacts consist of game board, problem cards, pattern language cards, attribute cards and dice. (subject to change)
  • CI Attributes Board
  • Game Pieces
  • Pattern Language Cards
  • Problem Cards Max, click here to post the Problem Cards
  • Attributes Cards Terrance, click here to post the Attribute cards
  • Dice

Game Play

Problem Card - Pattern Language Card Association

  • Global Warming
Strategic Capacity
Open Action & Research Network
Voices of the Unheard
  • Natural Disaster
Meaningful Maps
Future Design
  • Fair Politics
Voices of the Unheard
Strategic Capacity
Everyday Heroism
  • Economic Crisis
Open Action & Research Network
Future Design
  • Poverty
Citizen Science
Everyday Heroism
Future Design
  • Education Gap
Experimental School
Activist Road Trip
Power of Story


  • Teacher
  • Politician
  • Scientist
  • Citizen Activist Group
  • Entrepreneur


Pattern Language Cards Utilized

Meeting 4.25 Identified the need for pattern language cards for increasing knowledge to the associated problem