Game Projects

From civicintelligence

One of our class projects is to develop a game that will help educate its players about Civic Intelligence.

Original Goals

These are the basic requirements on the game:

  1. Use patterns from the Liberating Voices book
  2. Should advance civic intelligence
  3. Connection to "real world"
  4. Publish rules online
  5. Play in class on May 28, 2011

New Goals

  1. Ideally, the game would be become part of the CIRAL Toolbox (goal added April 22, 2011)


This list was originally generated in class on April 13. These are all shorthand for the ideas that were raised in relation to the question: How can games support or cultivate civic intelligence?

  • Challenge orthodoxy
  • Present alternatives
  • Observe utopia
  • Use teamwork/promote collaboration
  • Rewards for good behavior / Consequences for actions
  • raise awareness of civic intelligence
  • Inhabiting a role (rehearsal for being an "everyday practitioner" of civic intelligence?)
  • Civic intelligence as byproduct of game

Each of these represents at least one hypothesis — or claim — that can be explored further and, hopefully, tested in some way. These hypotheses (and more?) should (IMO) be developed on another page, say How games support civic intelligence.

Design Teams

Our Class broke into four design teams each, developing a different type of game. You can see their work below.