Big Questions

From civicintelligence
  • What is Civic Intelligence? Do we adopt a working definition here?
  • How do we recognize it when we see it?
  • What role do ICT's play in Civic Intelligence?
  • Where did the notion of Civic Intelligence originate?
  • What does it mean to be intelligent collectively versus individually?
  • How can — or couldCivic Intelligence combat apathy, both on an individual and group level?
  • How would one recognize and ultimately even measure Civic Intelligence?
  • Similarly, how can one compare two examples of "Civic Intelligence"?
  • What is the role of the individual in Civic Intelligence?
  • Can Civic Intelligence be measured? And, if so, how?
  • Is there an absolute measure of "Civic Intelligence" or does it always depend on context?
  • Does the notion of Civic Intelligence presuppose that we currently live in an unintelligent community? Or that our community is unable to intelligently utilize resources to better the community as a whole?
  • How can "Civic Intelligence" help to change the course of this nation from being an individualistic society to being a true community.
  • Is an informed community considered an intelligent community? How informed does a community have to be before they are considered intelligent?
  • What parts of our current society need to be drastically changed in order to naturally cultivate civic intelligence?
  • What is education? What is brain washing?
  • How to encourage people to educate themselves on world issues when it's so easy to just follow what we're told from the dominate media sources?