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Understanding and Building Civic Intelligence

An Evolving Open Text Book



Section I -- What is Civic Intelligence -- and Why?!

Introduction to Section I Please read (and expand on) this Introduction page to help inform the development of the ideas below.


Big Questions

History of Civic Intelligence

Related Disciplines

Intelligence in Individuals and Groups

The Role of Context in Civic Intelligence

Approaches to Civic Intelligence

Conclusions to Section I

Section II -- Thought / Action Perspectives: Seven (or so) Views of Civic Intelligence

Introduction to Section II

Civic Intelligence in Activism

Civic Intelligence in Education

Civic Intelligence in Social Science

Civic Intelligence as Professional Practice: Government, Policy, and Organizational Development

Civic Intelligence and Social Innovation

Civic Intelligence and Grassroots Technology

Civic Intelligence and Community Building

Conclusions to Section II (Civic intelligence in Civic Intelligence?)

Section III -- Conclusions and Possible Futures

Introduction to Section III (maybe)

Conclusions and Possible Futures

Conclusions to Section III (maybe)

Section IV -- Back Matter




Web Sites

examples of civic intelligence (whether in book or not)

Authors and Other Contributors

Hey All, I had a couple comments, and wanted to make a couple changes, but wanted to explain my reasoning and invite feedback first... First, I think that one linguistic hang up I've had is with EQUATING civic intelligence to things (civic intelligence AS education, etc.. ) I think there are certain CORRELATIONS that we can make, but such language has an air of finality to it that takes away from the sense of curiousity.. Perhaps we could rename the chapters something like: Civic Intelligence AND education, etc... Also, We probably don't need two chapters on policy, so I took one off and renamed it! What do you think? If this is going to be read by other evergreen students, Lets actually push the edges of our own learning and stretch a little! ~LEon (And I'd say the education perspective is probably one of the best places to work.)

entire book