Constituents of Intelligence

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As part of our exploration of civic intelligence we are examining a variety of capabilities that help comprise intelligence in individuals. It's our working hypothesis that examining these will help inform our investigation of intelligence in groups and other collectivities.

And note the questions at the end of this list...

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Is "believing" its own capability or does it belong under "knowledge?" -based on the chapter from Kluge we read on belief, I do not think it belongs under knowledge. But, what is knowledge except for what we "believe" -- especially when we're talking about the actual state of affairs -- not an "ideal" in which we "know" that our "knowledge" is absolutely true.

Is "assessing" its own capability or does it belong under "decision-making?" -assessing is a review of information, where decision making is a point of judgement leading forward Yes, but the only way you really could have "decision-making" without "assessing" would be to make decisions randomly. But maybe assessing goes with evaluating?

Is "goal-setting" its own capability or does it belong under "planning?" -these two do seem to be the same mechanism to me. But, as above, can you have planning without goal-setting?