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Why am I interested in Civic Intelligence?

Over the last ten years I have found myself increasingly overwhelmed by the problems faced, both locally and globally. Through my own process of discovery I have been faced with my own apathy in what I can do to physically work towards change. After reading, Aldo Leopold's "Land Ethic" I felt I had discovered a direction, and framework to work within. Civic Intelligence has been a next step for me in discovering a foundation for this work.

What do I want to accomplish in this program?

I want to gather tools in which to process the world around me, in order to navigate how I can actively interact with meaningful change.

What things might I want to pursue with the game project?

I am looking to create a team board game that uses real life examples of people in the community actively working on environmental issues. I am very interested in exploring the notion of apathy in the face of overwhelming problems and how "everyday people" are making powerful contributions that inspire others to see that they can also make a difference. An example would be the non-profit MERISOL [http://saveoceanlife.org/}. A group of activists and divers who started cleaning beaches along the Meso American reef. Through this action they were then confronted with the large quantity of plastic garbage, and what to do with it. Through community support they designed a plastic shredder and created a way to turn the shredded plastic into building materials.

Examples of Civic Intelligence

Case Study