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Course Work

Brainstorm Communication Strategy

Small Groups

We will be working in small groups throughout the quarter. Each group will focus on a different aspect of a broader topic or question. All the groups will be using the same framework for their focus. The work of each group will be entered in the topics below to serve as a record of the group knowledge we have built.

CIRAL Group Project

This contains (or will contain) all of the contents of the Civic Intelligence Research and Action Laboratory (CIRAL) Group Project for Fall 2011.

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Pattern Card Links

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Seminars will be an opportunity to weave together the work we do in our small groups into the broader topics we are exploring. Course readings will also be covered in their relationship to the work we are doing in class and program themes.

In class thoughts

GR:Did you know about the army combat tank simulations? Where soldiers are put in replica landscapes and fight simulated tanks run by other solders? Guess what they did in real combat... They kicked the asses of the local veteran forces and said it was easier than the game world.

GR:The notion "of saving the world" is BS. The world is a manifestation of the most amplified/communicated ideas and thoughts. By this reasoning, a mass exodus to gaming will have a similar effect. If ideas to solve real world simulations within games become amplified, they will naturally cross over and manifest in the real world.

GR:Is it possible to end world hunger? I would ask to that, is world hunger being solved already? They very fact that the sentence "end world hunger" has been presented as a problem to solve and is in the awareness of many, means that it is somehow already in process of being solved.

GR:When a group splits up to do specific tasks after a meeting, when does the effect of group intelligence wear off?

GR: Just as you can have IQ, EQ (emotional), or g; can it be established that each person has a CI (civic intelligence) score that acts as a contributor to Group IQ.

Civic Intelligence Book Project

Main Book Project page

Book Table of Contents This is where the actual book is!


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Measures for Collective Intelligence

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