Supporting Documentation for Standard Five

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Required Exhibits:

Printed materials that describe for students the hours and services of learning resources facilities such as libraries, computer labs, and audio-visual facilities

Library and Media Services Calendar-Academic Year 07-08

Library and Media Services Calendar-Summer 07

Media Facilities at a Glance

Media Loan Quick Guide

Academic Computing Access Hours and Services

Policies, regulations, and procedures for the development and management of library and information resources, including collection development and weeding

Circulation Policies

Interlibrary Loan Policies & Procedures

Media Loan Policies

Library Collection Development Guidelines

Government Documents/Maps - Collection Development Policy

TESC IT Appropriate Use Policy

Statistics on use of library and other learning resources.

Library Use Statistics - 1999-2007

Periodicals Online Database Use Statistics 1999-2007

Circulation Statistics 1991-2007

Statistics on library collection and inventory of other learning resources.

Major Facilities

Service Points

Library Collection Size and Value Report - Fiscal Years Ending 1991-2007

Assessment measures utilized to determine the adequacy of facilities for the goals of the library and information resources and services

Library Emergency Preparedness Work Recommendations Document

Consultant Pre-Remodel Report

Evergreen Student Experience Survey 2006 - Campus Resources Utilization

Evergreen Information Commons Proposal

Information Technology Collaborative Hive (ITCH)

Edutech Technology Peer Review Report

Assessment measures to determine the adequacy of holdings, information resources and services to support the educational programs both on and off campus

Alumni Surveys 2002-2006 - Campus Utilization

Summary of Information Technology Literacy Emphasis in Programs

End-of program Review Results for 2006-07 - Info Technology Literacy Overview

End-of-program Review Workshop - Info Technology Across the Curriculum

Evergreen New Student Survey 2005 - Computer Skills - First-time, First-years

Evergreen New Student Survey 2005 - Computer Skills - Transfer Students

Evergreen Student Experience Survey 2004 - Info Technology Literacy and Technology-related Resources

Evergreen Student Experience Survey 2006 - Growth in Computer Skills - Oly Campus

Evergreen Student Experience Survey 2006 - Satisfaction of Olympia Campus Students

End-of-program Review Results for 2006-07 - Information Technology Literacy by Planning Unit

Information Technology Literacy as reported in End of Program Reports (needs revision in light of 06/07 EPRs)

IT Strategic Plan

Data regarding number and assignments of library staff

Library Organization Summary

Library Staff Position List - Jan 2008

Chart showing the organizational arrangements for managing libraries and other information resources (e.g. computing facilities, instructional media, and telecommunication centers)

Computing and Communications Organizational Charts

Library Public Services Organizational Chart

Library Administration/Technical Services Organizational Chart

Library Media Services Organizational Chart

Comprehensive budget(s) for library and information resources

Vitae of professional library staff

Formal, written agreements with other libraries

Interagency Agreement Between The Washington State Law Library & The Evergreen State College

Computer usage statistics related to the retrieval of library resources

Library Online Database Use Statistics

Printed information describing user services provided by the computing facility

Studies or documents describing the evaluation of library and information resources

Sound & Image Library White Paper

Supplemental Materials


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