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=== Selected Patterns === (each is followed by the names of its authors)
=== Selected Patterns === (each is followed by the names of its authors)
==== [[Wars with Hidden Agendas]] ==== courtney, robert
====[[Wars with Hidden Agendas]]==== courtney, robert
==== [[Media Monopolies]] ==== phoenix, cache
==== [[Media Monopolies]] ==== phoenix, cache

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Let's list anti patterns here....

Pattern MODEL This contains a list of possible pattern facets. To use this as a template you'll need the wiki "source code." Click edit on the Pattern MODEL link and you'll see the possible pattern "facets" with lots of "mark-up" information, mostly a lot of equal signs. COPY that text and back out of the Editing Pattern MODEL page using the back arrow on your browser. You can then edit any of the anti-patterns in the list by clicking the Edit link under Views and then PASTING the marked-up information from the MODEL page. You can then add any information you want to the anti-pattern in the appropriate location.

=== Selected Patterns === (each is followed by the names of its authors)

====Wars with Hidden Agendas==== courtney, robert

==== Media Monopolies ==== phoenix, cache

==== Eye for an Eye – Retribution ==== isaac, adam

==== Environmental Degradation ==== tim, ali

==== Weapons of Mass Distraction ==== / Media as Spectacle, ali, justin

==== Societal Apathy ==== adam, isaac

==== Semantic Gerrymandering ==== chuck, courtney

==== Profit-motivated Health Care ==== cache, tim

==== Professional Obfuscation ==== robert, jonesy

==== Distorting History ==== john, scott

==== Corruption and Fraud ==== jonesy, phoenix

==== Denialism ==== amber, john

==== Cultural imperialism ==== jeremy, amber

==== Criminalizing Poverty ==== justin, jeremy

==== Bad Education ==== (includes Factory Education, Education for Deaffirming, Lifeless Education, etc.), scott, chuck

==== Ultra-nationalism ==== robert, isaac

==== Racism ==== cache, courtney

==== Monopoly ==== jonesy, robert

==== Silenced Voices ==== jeremy, jonesy

==== Mock Public Space ==== tim, chuck

==== Fear Mongering ==== justin, ali

==== Dumbing Down ==== courtney, tim

==== Dehumanization ==== john, cache

==== Compartmentalization of Knowledge ==== scott, phoenix

==== Advertising-Funded Media ==== adam, jeremy

==== Activism Delegitimization ==== chuck, justin

==== Xenophobia ==== ali, amber

==== Violence ==== (celebration of, desensitivity about, as a problem-solving strategy), phoenix, john

==== Sustaining World Hunger ==== amber, adam

=== Unacknowledged Privilege === isaac, scott

Proposed Patterns

Arranged marriage





Caste system

Activism Delegitimization

Protest Zones

Criminalizing Poverty


Misinformation super highway

Ignorance is bliss

Glass ceiling


Green mile – Corporal punishment

Barefoot and pregnant – rigid gender roles


Eye for an eye – retribution

Indentured Servitude

Passive Aggression


Drug wars

Societal Apathy

Chain gang


Labor over education

Public executions

Oppression – martial law

Profit-motivated health care


The hidden mute button (silenced voices)

Social Control

First World Problems

Conception Deception

Money = Power

Distorting History

Dumbing Down

Misplaced Blame (Defending failure)

Weapons of mass distraction




unbalanced lifestyle

economic inequality








7 deadly sins


media bias- State run media? information control

hoarding resources

throw-away society

social darwinism


treating symptoms

political polarization

secret societies


politics of purity

sustaining world hunger

money hiding and laundering


throwaway culture

entitlement-getting what you don't deserve

Mock Public Space

defunding failure



Bad Education (includes Factory Education, Education for Deaffirming, Lifeless Education, Gradgrindism, etc.)

Automatic Thinking

Semantic Gerrymandering

Forbidden Opportunities

Selfishness as Virtue


The Good Life as Defined by Corporations

Consumerism as the Good Life

Celebrity Divorces (pattern includes celebrities that have put on a lot of weight)

Blame the Victim

Delink Food and Health

Freedom Equals Soda Pop (or is it cigarettes?)

We Are Better Than They Are

Fear Washesh Over Us

Wear The Flag Proudly


God Talks to Me; Not to Thee

Media Monopolies Bagdikian and Herman and Chomsky

Advertising-Based Media Herman and Chomsky

Sourcing (public relations professionals as “journalists”) Herman and Chomsky

Flak Herman and Chomsky

Anti-Terrorism Rhetoric (formerly known as “anti communist ideology” Herman and Chomsky)

Exterminism See E. P. Thompson


Rationalism Über alles

Environmental Plundering

Environment as Toilet