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Welcome to the Civic Intelligence wiki.

We are using this wiki environment to develop an open source textbook on civic intelligence.

To learn more about using a wiki see the help files. This quick reference guide is quite useful.


All students will be posting their case studies to this wiki.

In other developments, we developed a very good outline for the book on May 14, 2011, which is now posted on the link below. Although we have begun work on the book itself, we are still developing concepts, asking questions, raising issues, and providing other types of information in the research section of this wiki.

Civic Intelligence Book Project

Main Book Project page

The table of contents we developed in class This is where the actual book is!



Models for understanding

What is in the field of study?

Building Knowledge

Other Resources

This is the appendix and annotated bibliography.

Civic Intelligence: Theory and Practice Spring 2011

(ILC) Building Civic Bodies: Group Wisdom In Small Towns

The focus of this contract is to identify the network of assets available in Longview, WA, and develop a framework for integrating the concepts of civic intelligence into that network. ~Michael O'Neill

Internet: Knowledge & Community, Winter 2011


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Wiki Development

One of the key components of developing civic intelligence is meta-cognition. This section is for thinking about how to develop the wiki format to foster thinking about the study of civic intelligence. Follow the link to the sandbox to try out new ideas and develop conventions for working collaboratively in the wiki/classroom environment.