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==Required Documentation==
==Required Documentation==
1.  Board and committee membership
1.  [[media:botbios.pdf|Board membership]]
2.  [[media:OrgChart.pdf|Organization chart]]
2.  [[media:OrgChart.pdf|Organization chart]]

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Required Documentation

1. Board membership

2. Organization chart

Required Exhibits

Articles of Incorporation (The college's enabling legislation)

Board Policy Manual

3. Board Agendas and Minutes:

4. Administrative policy manual.

  The college's policy and procedures manual is on-line at http://www.evergreen.edu/policies.  
  A copy of the policy manual's index is uploaded here for reference.

5. Administrative position descriptions

6. Staff handbook

7. Salary data

  DRAFT Exempt Professional Staff Compensation Framework

8. Collective bargaining agreements

9. Constitution or bylaws of faculty and staff organizations

10. Currently active committees

Additional Material

Geoduck Student Union Charter

Accountability Report 2007