Supporting Documentation for Standard Six

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Required Documentation

1. Board membership

2. Organization chart

Required Exhibits

1. Articles of Incorporation (The college's enabling legislation)

2. Board Policy Manual

3. Board Agendas and Minutes:

4. Administrative policy manual. The college's policy and procedures manual is on-line at [1]. A copy of the policy manual's index is uploaded here for reference.

5. Administrative position descriptions

6. Staff handbook

The college's policy and procedures manual is on-line at [2]. This manual includes policies related to employment. A copy of the employment policies table of contents is uploaded here for reference. Information about employee benefits is also posted on the college's web site at [3]. A copy of the employee benefits web page is posted here for reference.

7. Salary data

Faculty: Faculty Salary Grid for 2007-2008

Exempt Professional Staff: DRAFT Exempt Professional Staff Compensation Framework

Classified Union Staff: Please see the Union Contract.

8. Collective bargaining agreements

United Faculty of Evergreen (first contract currently being negotiated). Washington Federation of State Employees: 2007-2009 Contract.

9. Constitution or bylaws of faculty and staff organizations

Outside the college, the Faculty and Classified staff unions are established as independent organizations, formally separate from the college. The college enters into contractual relationships with these unions within the framework of the state's collective bargaining laws.

Within the college, the Faculty are currently organized as described in the Faculty Handbook to make major decisions in a committee of the whole.

Faculty Meeting Minutes:

10. Currently active committees

Additional Material

Geoduck Student Union Charter

Accountability Report 2007

[[Media: |Agreement between The Evergreen State College and The Evergreen State College Foundation]]