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*[[Pick List | Current CIRAL Tasks]]
*[[Pick List | Current CIRAL Tasks]]
*[[Suggestion Box | Suggestion Box]]
*[[Suggestion Box | Suggestion Box]]
*[[Discussions | Student Discussions]]
*[[Participant profiles | Who We Are]]
*[[Participant profiles | Who We Are]]

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Civic Intelligence Research and Action Laboratory (CIRAL)

This page is a meta-table of contents that points to the ongoing work at Evergreen to understand and develop civic intelligence. The site is an archive of past program's studies in the field of civic intelligence as well as a collaborative space for students and other participants.

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The previous main page has been moved.

Student Task Clusters

New/Current Work

CIRAL Database

CIRAL on Facebook Check it out!

CIRAL Email Listserv: CIRAL@GoogleGroups.com

Spring 2012

Evergreen Centers, Programs, and Contracts

  • Winter 2012 — Civic Intelligence and Collective Action
  • Fall 2011 — Patterns of Intelligence: Beyond the Individual

Civic Intelligence


  • Test Page - Try out text entry, formatting, images, etc., it won't matter if you mess up!